Alternative Energy, Solar Electrically Driven Water Heating

A novel alternative Energy solution using Solar and electricity to heat water in existing and new electrical hot water systems. The simplicity of this system means that there is little modification required to an existing electrical hot water system, and makes the installation of a new system as simple as it has always been with grid electrical supply.

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When clients express their desire to provide their own panels, a multitude of options become available for them to pursue in order to meet their specific requirements. This decision opens the door to various possibilities and strategies, allowing clients to tailor their solutions to their unique needs and preferences

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HPV-001 High Voltage Converter Connection Box

This unit makes installation of a number of high voltage panels simple, by concentrating all the connections to one point, and with one single lead pass the power to the MPPT controller. Each input is diode isolated, to allow all the inputs to be connected in parallel, but ensures that a fault on one input does not affect the installation.


SGCU-xxxV® Solar Geyser SGU Convertor Unit

This solar geyser converter utilizes a microprocessor for PV high voltage power control, efficiently converting it to power the geyser element. This process, known as MPPT, optimizes PV panel usage by tracking sunlight's available maximum power.


MBU-001® Mains Backup Relay unit

This unit allows the user to select the supply for the electric geyser. When switch input is open the relay defaults to the path of the HV solar input. Closing switch input contact, enables the relay to select the grid electrical supply to the geyser.

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