A novel alternative Energy solution using Solar and electricity to heat water in existing and new electrical hot water systems. The simplicity of this system means that there is little modification required to an existing electrical hot water system, and makes the installation of a new system as simple as it has always been with grid electrical supply.

USEDASUN utilizes photo voltaic solar panels to generate electricity in an innovative way to heat water, while saving you on electrical bills.

  • No more complicated vacuum tubes on your roof.
  • No more recirculating pumps required.
  • No more complicated heat pump installations.
  • No more extra weight on your roof from all the extra equipment to heat
    your water.
  • No batteries required as it runs directly off the sun.

The use of a boost converter, means less power lost over long distances whilst allowing an easier transmission of power with the boosted voltage. Innovative Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques, increases the energy that is converted into the hot water system. These innovative ideas allow this system to use solar energy more efficiently, reducing the amount of equipment required.

To read more on how to go about setting this up, download our brochure: Download Brochure